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18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Laredo - south Texas Truck accident attorneys

18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys – Our Truck Accident Attorney is on Your Side

Though it may seem entirely obvious that you were blameless in your 18-wheeler accident, winning full compensation for your losses is neither guaranteed nor an automatic process. By law, the defendant or defendants in your case owe you nothing at the start. In short, to recover compensation for your losses, you have to fight for your rights.

The fact is, unrepresented big rig accident victims, that is to say, victims who choose to represent themselves, almost never receive the entire compensation that their cases merit. Often, an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney can be the key to ensure you recover thousands or even millions of dollars for your injuries, rather than recovering nothing at all.

Despite the fact that receiving compensation for your losses in the aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident isn’t automatic, it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Understanding your rights and making sure you have an experienced personal injury attorney at your side, you’ll greatly increase your chance of winning your case and holding the blameworthy defendants accountable for their misdeeds. In the information that follows, we’ll go over the basics of the 18-wheeler accident lawyer to help you understand your rights.

This article is meant to explain just the fundamentals of truck accident law. To learn more about the precise legal implications of your exact situation, call us toll-free. We’ll gladly answer your questions about tractor-trailer accident law and give you a free consultation.

The Importance of Litigation

Filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit against a defendant or against multiple defendants serves two […]

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Our Texas Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Unsafe Trucking Practices

Our Texas Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Unsafe Trucking Practices

Unsafe trucking practices lead to approximately 100,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. These astronomical numbers are a somber reminder that this necessary part of modern living has its price. Large commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, semis, big-rigs, and other types of commercial vehicles can cause immense damage when even a small error occurs. Trucking accidents in Texas can be caused by any number of unsafe trucking practices.truck accident attorneys

Asleep at the Wheel

Truckers earn their wages by spending time on the road and by quickly delivering their goods. This can be a recipe for disaster as it causes some truck drivers to overextend themselves and drive too long under poor, personal physical conditions. Likely causes of truck accidents often involve a driver falling asleep at the wheel, then causing devastating amounts of damage to both themselves and others. While these are well-known risks, Congress recently chose to actually extend the number of possible hours a truck driver is allowed to legally drive from ten hours to eleven hours. Adding that extra hour may not seem like much, but, in reality, it has been a continual cause for unsafe trucking practices.

However, there are rules and regulations stated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, that define the necessary limits of fatigue and other factors relating to commercial truck drivers:

Article 392.3 – Ill or fatigued operator
“No driver shall operate a commercial motor vehicle, and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle, while the driver’s ability or alertness is so impaired, or so likely […]

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Truck Accident Attorneys – Satisfying the Burden of Proof

Satisfying the Burden of Proof

As we stated previously, in the state of Texas, the law does not require a defendant to pay a victim anything after he or she has been injured in a truck accident. The victim, or plaintiff, has to prove the defendant owes him or her compensation. And in order to get that compensation, the victim has to produce compelling evidence to sway a judge or jury. Evidence still needs to be produced even when negotiating an out-of-court settlement; the defendant or the defendant’s insurance provider must be compelled to negotiate in good faith; that won’t happen if you don’t have evidence on your side. In order to meet the burden of proof, you need to establish duty, breach, causation, and damages. These are detailed below.San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney - 18 wheeler accident lawyers

Duty – The state of Texas has established that everyone owes everyone else a duty of care. In your case, you have to prove the defendant owed you the duty of providing for your safety by behaving in a responsible manner. There are different levels of duty of care that apply in different ways. In the case of motorists, all drivers owe all other drivers a duty of care to drive in a manner that is safe for everyone else on the road. In the case of a truck accident, this is a fairly easy element to establish.

Breach – You must next prove that the defendant (or defendants) breached that duty of care that you were owed. This breach typically occurs when a defendant places others in danger, either through an action that […]

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A More Thorough Accounting of Damages Can Recover More Under Texas Accident Law?

A More Thorough Accounting of Damages Can Recover More Under Texas Accident Law?

If you are hurt in any vehicle accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for many different types of damages, which include:

All of your medical bills caused by the accident: both past and future; this includes the payment of all aftercare and prescribed therapy: physical, emotional, and occupational.
Property damage to both your vehicle and its contents.
Lost wages from time spent in recovery at a hospital or while you’re convalescing at home.
Lost earning capacity due to long-term disability.
Your physical pain and suffering.
Emotional and mental distress, including that of surviving family members in the event that the case is one of wrongful death.

There is no limit to how much money you can recover through a vehicle accident personal injury lawsuit. Still, you must seek a legal professional to help you protect your rights, and you must make every effort to receive treatment for your injuries so that you will recover as best you can.accident injury lawyers

Did You Know?

Our Texas car accident attorneys have won thousands of cases. Call us today to discuss your case. 1(800) 862-1260

Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Wreck? We Have a Few Clues

In most instances, it takes a car accident injury lawyer to assure that accident victims recover the actual worth of all damages to themselves as well as their vehicle and its contents. If the circumstances surrounding the accident and its coverage are minor, or if everyone is behaving “above board,” a reasonably intelligent accident victim can likely handle his or her claim without the assistance of a lawyer. Here are a few (of the many) scenarios […]

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Wrongful Death Lawyers on Fatal Semi-Truck Accidents and the Aftermath

Wrongful Death Lawyers on Fatal Semi-Truck Accidents and the Aftermath

Have you suffered a loss recently in a tragically fatal semi-truck accident in Texas? It is a sad fact that no action can bring back your loved one or somehow make up for the tragic loss. However, following such an accident you do have several choices for how to proceed legally in order to achieve some compensation for your loss as well as some justice for those whose negligence caused the loss.

You might ask us, what are the legal options following such a tragedy, and whom will I need to contact to start the process to achieve just restitution and to bring those responsible to account for their actions? In any case of wrongful death involving motor vehicles and especially in cases involving semi-trucks, the practical and legal proceedings are complex and convoluted, far beyond the skill-set of an inexperienced attorney, much less someone who does not have a legal background or have extensive knowledge of the law who might try and represent themselves. wrongful death attorneys

The fact that it is a wrongful death case will make it complicated such that only an experienced attorney can hope to bring you through the situation. The fatal semi-truck accident wrongful death lawsuit is a complicated process made more so by each of its components. Our Law Office offers this article by way of information so that you have the tools to make your first step in the arduous process following the tragic loss of a loved one to a fatal semi-truck accident. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. […]

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Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

The Value of an Experienced Lawyer Handle Your Personal Injury Case is Clear

A common misconception within the general public is to assume that Texas law will promise them equal financial recovery for their injuries with little trouble just because the law is on their side. But what we actually have is the right to equal financial recovery through the courts. If we want that recompense, we must fight for it ourselves. It’s not given to us automatically.accident injury lawyers

Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Codes state only that accident victims may seek compensation, following specific legal guidelines, from negligent defendants. The first rule is the burden of proving the damages are owed to us, as we have already said. To be compensated, we must convince the jury that the defendant’s negligence is indeed the cause of the accident, and all the misery we have suffered because of it. Personal injury cases can get extremely litigious. It takes a special kind of attorney to be successful in this type of law. And a host of less-than-knowledgeable people are more than willing to give you “free legal advice” (which is often worth what you pay for it: nothing)

You also might have a relative or friend who is a lawyer who wants to protect your best interests and represent you in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. And though we would never tell you what to do, we will say that when it comes to legal representation of any type, you might want to reconsider retaining anyone who might have a difficult time emotionally disassociating him or herself from your case. Personal […]

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What Can Our Accident Attorney Do For You?

What Can our Accident Attorney do for You?

The accident lawyers with our Law Offices want to help you through this incredibly trying time you are experiencing, and help you recover by helping you obtain equitable compensation. There are several ways we can make the legal process much easier for you, and help you focus your energy on recovering from your injury. These include:personal injury law

Taking all of the legal work off of your plate.

Shielding you from the harassing and intimidating tactics used by insurance company operatives.

Filing your claim, or taking over negotiations if you have already filed.

Launching a thorough investigation by collecting any available video or photographic evidence; finding witnesses and interviewing them; sequestering and inspecting all vehicles involved in the accident; measuring the skid marks to the impact point; reviewing police reports in painstaking detail; and cataloging all evidence properly so it will be admissible in court.

Helping you find medical help if you are uninsured and otherwise cannot afford it.

Prepare demand packets.

Negotiating a fair settlement so you can avoid the stress and uncertainty of a trial.

Devising a trial strategy whether or not the case goes to court. The more convincing your case, the larger the settlement you can obtain without having to go through a trial.
For two decades, our skilled and passionate attorneys have been dedicated to doing everything they can to protect the rights of our clients and secure the restitution they have coming to them. Just as we have for so many other Texans, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Why You Should NEVER Act as Your Own Attorney

It is legal, of course, for an injury victim to […]

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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio – Personal Injury Law

Our Law Firm Can Help Following Accidents With Fallen 18-Wheeler Truck Cargo

As if the thought of an encounter or collision with a massive tractor-trailer a.k.a. “18-wheeler” coming at you on the highway isn’t enough to put fear in the hearts of the bravest of the brave, here is one other kind of catastrophic collision to add to that list of things that might ruin your day.

In addition to having to share the road with the SUVs, and other types of passenger vehicles, commercial buses, and motor homes consider those long flatbed trucks. You have seen them with the huge tarps covering their cargo but somehow a section of flap usually always works its way loose and you can almost always get a glimpse of what is being transported underneath. Sometimes there are big long sections of underground piping, other times laying on the bed of a truck is long twisted or plaited aluminum wiring almost the entire length of the trailer itself. Many times when one of those monster flatbeds pass, you cannot help but notice that all that is keeping that shipment intact on the flatbed are those big wide metal bands that are tightly bound around the entire shipment. You just hope and pray that every band tightly ratcheted down will hold—at least until you pass. Falling cargo truck accidents almost always end with a fatality. With a sudden shift of the load when the truck driver attempts to avoid a collision by jerking the wheel, it could either be the end of a beautiful day or the beginning of a bad day. Just imagine the stress on those ratcheted metal tie-downs becoming too much and resulting in all those bands breaking loose. […]

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Trucking Companies And Their Insurance Policies

Trucking Companies And Their Insurance Policies

The worst part is that you can’t just demand compensation from the court and think you’ll get it quickly. You must provide factual evidence that points out not just your losses but also how you came up with that value for those damages. What happens then is that defendants will likely fight about the total compensation owed by the plaintiff and then submit their own amount owed, which will likely decrease the overall amount of harm the plaintiff has endured. If you’re wanting to show how the defendant took the sneaky cheap way out, you must present unflappable evidence that prove your numbers are spot on.Laredo - south Texas Truck accident attorneys

What is the true cost of my case? Damages like pain and suffering and loss of earning capacity are very subjective and always up for debate, and they’re also nearly impossible to total for regular citizens. It’s complicated putting a value on pain and suffering or estimate lost earning capacity by figuring the overall value of potential raises and inflation. In the trial, you’ve got one shot to compile the amount of equitable compensation you should get. For the past 20 years, our 18-wheeler accident lawyers have been totaling damages and we have gained enough familiarity with cases such as yours to learn how to take all your losses and get an estimation of the compensation that will assist your family in getting the restitution they desire.

If you can’t show any of these four elements, you’ll probably fail at getting compensation for the harm incurred to you. You need the help of an 18-wheeler accident lawyer – especially if you […]

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Personal Injury Lawyers: Discusses Drinking and Driving Statistics in Texas

Texas Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyer: Discusses Drinking and Driving Statistics in Texas

Drunk driving is a major problem in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s an even greater problem in Texas. The drunk driving attorneys at our Law Offices share the following intoxicated accident statistics with you in hopes that you will recall them the next time you, or someone you’re with, thinks they’re able to drive a vehicle, even if they’ve had a few drinks.

Texas holds the dubious honor of having the most drunken driving related accidents in all of the United States. In other words, more accidents occur in Texas related to drunk drivers than anywhere else in the country. personal injury law

When a fatality occurs on Texas roads caused by a vehicle, nearly fifty percent of these accidents are caused by drunk drivers.
Drunk drivers are the cause behind five deaths per day in Texas.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 1,200 people were killed in Texas in one year as a result of intoxicated drivers.
These drunk driving accident statistics are a grim reminder of the incalculable cost of human lives lost because of drunk drivers.

Regulating the BAC

Furthermore, while steps have been made by the federal and state governments to properly regulate blood alcohol content levels, more progress could be made. Today, every state must enforce a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08%. In the early ‘90s, the legal BAC level was .10% for most states. Studies that compared alcohol-related accidents from both time periods showed a marked decrease in incidents after the BAC level was lowered. However, despite this improvement, 16,000 people are still killed every year […]

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