Trucking Companies And Their Insurance Policies

The worst part is that you can’t just demand compensation from the court and think you’ll get it quickly. You must provide factual evidence that points out not just your losses but also how you came up with that value for those damages. What happens then is that defendants will likely fight about the total compensation owed by the plaintiff and then submit their own amount owed, which will likely decrease the overall amount of harm the plaintiff has endured. If you’re wanting to show how the defendant took the sneaky cheap way out, you must present unflappable evidence that prove your numbers are spot on.Laredo - south Texas Truck accident attorneys

What is the true cost of my case? Damages like pain and suffering and loss of earning capacity are very subjective and always up for debate, and they’re also nearly impossible to total for regular citizens. It’s complicated putting a value on pain and suffering or estimate lost earning capacity by figuring the overall value of potential raises and inflation. In the trial, you’ve got one shot to compile the amount of equitable compensation you should get. For the past 20 years, our 18-wheeler accident lawyers have been totaling damages and we have gained enough familiarity with cases such as yours to learn how to take all your losses and get an estimation of the compensation that will assist your family in getting the restitution they desire.

If you can’t show any of these four elements, you’ll probably fail at getting compensation for the harm incurred to you. You need the help of an 18-wheeler accident lawyer – especially if you wind up in a trial. Countless years litigating 18-wheeler accident cases has helped our lawyers build a strong legal strategy to meet the burdens of proof and get the jury to rule in your favor.

Enormous Insurance Policies

Federal regulations require trucking companies to purchase huge insurance policies to guard against wrecks, injuries and potential fatalities that may occur because of being involved with 18-wheelers. Because of this, many assume that they’ll be compensated faster and without complications. Most of the time, that’s just not true. Because insurance policies for 18-wheelers can be valued at 50 times more than your coverage for a regular car, the insurance companies usually devote 50 times the effort and manpower to defend those policies.

When you factor in all that’s at stake, insurance companies rely on their shrewdest and most trained insurance adjusters to handle settlement negotiations. While you’re probably inexperienced at working truck accident claims, these adjusters are the best and handle these issues on a regular basis. They are equipped and able to take the accident victim’s initial state of shock and their easy trust in local insurance agents, then twisting it and denying their claims. They provide a fake friendship and try to make the victim believe they want to assist them and help him or her receive their compensation – but the victim has to first answer some quick, simple questions. They don’t care about helping at all; they just want to improve company profits and reject your claim. Following that, they bombard you with tons of questions that are basically twisting the same questions around in an attempt to get you to mess up and say you were responsible for your accident. If they can get you to accidentally cop to your own accident, they can get your claim tossed. The best move here is to have as little contact as possible with the insurance adjuster, which is why you should hire an 18-wheeler accident lawyer and let your council deal with the relentless questions from the insurance adjusters. In fact, we tell clients not to talk with any members of insurance companies without a lawyer serving as a buffer. If you retain our firm, our lawyers will handle all of the conversations with the insurance company and protect you from any chance at admitting your own liability.

Many times aggressive insurance adjusters will even try to get accident victims to forfeit their rights to pursue a lawsuit and give them a smaller settlement instead. It’s a good thing to avoid the drama and unknowns that come with a jury trial, but you don’t want to choose an offer that doesn’t properly compensate you for the pain you’re dealing with. Only a lawyer with an extensive track record of success can get the insurance company to provide a fair settlement since they’re worried about losing far more money at trial.

The insurance company will also attempt to avoid liability for your injuries by using a talented defense team that can spot the legal loopholes and procedural challenges that could lead to a plaintiff hurting their chances at compensation. You need an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer who can stand in with the best defense specialists out there. Our attorneys have won countless millions from every well-known insurance company in the country, and we’ve learned how to predict every move they will make.