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Pedestrian Accidents are Traumatic at Best

Pedestrian Accidents are Traumatic at Best

Pedestrian accidents frequently result in serious or catastrophic injuries, including bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Whenever injuries are serious, it is important to obtain the maximum possible compensation for medical care, lost earnings, and pain at suffering. To best protect your legal rights following an accident, it is advisable to contact an experienced and qualified San Jose pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of pedestrian accident lawyers will arrange for an experienced investigator to reconstruct the accident scene, preserve evidence and interview witnesses. Because we have handled dozens of pedestrian accident injury claims, we understand the important details and steps necessary to maximize your compensation. In the event you were hit by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured motorist, we may be able to help you recover compensation in an uninsured motorist personal injury claim.personal injury lawyers

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents frequently involve vulnerable individuals, including young children and elderly adults. Children under 16 are statistically most likely to be hit by a car, while elderly adults are most likely to die as a result of a car vs. pedestrian accident. We strive to help our clients recover full and fair damages for injuries resulting from all types of pedestrian accidents, including:

Intersection accidents
Crosswalk accidents
Bus stop accidents
Hit-and-run accidents
Sidewalk accidents
Driveway back over accidents
Parking lot accidents

Pedestrian accidents are frequently the result of negligent driving, such as speeding, texting, and driving, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted. Intersection and crosswalk pedestrian accidents often occur because motorists are visually looking for other vehicles, but are not paying attention to walkers and joggers. More than 5,000 deaths are reported […]

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Car Accident Lawyers should be consulted

Car Accident Lawyers should be consulted

Car accidents have become very prevalent in our society as the number of vehicles on the road continues to rise each year. The human population in the United States alone has grown exponentially throughout the last several decades and this has brought a large increase in the number of cars seen on the highways and roads. Due to the natural congestion and higher speeds that vehicles can sustain on roads, there has also been an increase in the number of car accidents seen throughout the country. Luckily, cars have become safer with new inventions and innovations that prevent the occupants from getting injured in the even of an accident. Even with the advent of such safety measures, there are thousands of people who are involved in car accidents every year and there is still a large number of fatalities. The Department of Transportation has reported that there were 32,788 fatalities associated with motor vehicular accidents in 2011, which is actually a 25 percent drop since 2005. While the overall trend shows that there are less fatal car accidents, there are still hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year that cause personal injury or property damage.personal injury law

Minor Motor Vehicle Accidents

This is where car accident attorneys become very important for people who have been involved in a crash. After you have had a car accident, a lawyer or attorney will be able to help fight for your rights to claim all of the benefits that you are entitled to. If you are the driver at fault, a car accident attorney will also be able to defend you properly […]

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Foreseeability in a Personal Injury Case

Legal Elements

Foreseeability in a Personal Injury Case

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers » Foreseeability in a Personal Injury Case

What is Foreseeability, and How Does it Affect my Personal Injury Case?

Foreseeability is a prerequisite for determining if someone acted negligently. To prove that someone acted negligently you must prove that there was a duty of care, that duty was breached, these actions caused the injury, and that the victim suffered actual damages. The concept of foreseeability is utilized in determining duty of care, breach, and causation. Consequently, foreseeability is basically the foundation for negligence claims. Foreseeability involves knowing that the act or failure to act presented a danger to others. Being able to foresee something is essentially being able to reasonably predict or know in advance that something would happen. Therefore, foreseeability is being able to reasonably predict or know beforehand that your action or inaction would or could cause another person harm.accident attorneys

How Does Foreseeability Affect Duty of Care?

A person is only responsible for your injuries if they first had a duty of care. The court must first determine whether or not the defendant even owed any duty of care. If they rule that they did owe you a duty of care, they are faced with deeper queries. They then must define the scope of that duty of care. For example, if you are swimming at the beach and you begin to drown, the lifeguard has a required duty to protect you. But how far must he go to make sure that you do not die? Does he only have to pull you out of the water and remove you from that danger, or is he required […]

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Truck Accident Law : Investigating Technique – DOT Physical Results

Investigating Technique – DOT Physical Results

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers » Investigating Technique – DOT Physical Results

Obtaining the Truck Driver’s Medical Certification & DOT Physical Results Following a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Commercial trucking companies have a duty to employ drivers that are drug-free and physically able to drive the massive tractor-trailer trucks that share our roads and highways. To ensure that the drivers are physically able to perform their job duties as a commercial truck drivers, the Department of Transportation requires that drivers take a physical and obtain the proper Medical Certificate signed by a medical examiner that certifies their physical health and ability to drive commercial vehicles. The Medical Certificate is valid for two years.Laredo - south Texas Truck accident attorneys

The medical examiners are not required to provide the medical exam information to the driver’s employer, but they are required to supply the Medical Certificate to the employer if the driver passes the exam. Therefore, it is logical step for the commercial trucking company to have medical certificates on file for each of its drivers as the medical certificate is something each driver must have passed to be permitted to drive commercial trucks in the first place. The trucking company has a duty to ensure that the drivers in its employ meet the state and federal requirements for commercial truck drivers, and this includes the physical ability of the driver. More information here

If you are in an accident with a tractor-trailer it is important that the Department of Transportation’s physical results on the driver are obtained as soon as possible. The trucking company should have the medical certificate on […]

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We offer competent Representation for Truck Accident Victims

We offer competent Representation for Truck Accident Victims

Our Law Firm has been helping people injured in car and truck accidents for over thirty years. Our Louisiana truck collision lawyers have extensive experience helping auto and big rig accident victim recover compensation for the physical and financial damage caused by motor vehicle accidents. Our firm is located in San Antonio, Texas and we routinely represent accident victims from throughout South Texas. semi truck accident Attorneys

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a car, SUV, or semi-truck, please contact our Law Office. We are committed to helping our clients solve the legal, financial, and emotional issues surrounding a car accident claim.

Truck Accidents – An Overview

A traffic accident involving a commercial truck, such as an eighteen-wheeler or other large freight carrier, can be much more catastrophic than an ordinary car accident. A typical fully-loaded large commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more, while an average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3000 pounds. Because of this size disparity, and due to the basic laws of physics, any collision between a commercial truck and another vehicle is likely to result in serious, even fatal, injuries. While statistics show that truck drivers are generally much more careful on the road than automobile drivers, and thankfully the incidence of fatal crashes involving trucks and other large vehicles has declined in recent years, large truck crashes still accounted for 5350 fatalities and 133,000 injuries in 2001.

What to Do if You Are Injured in an Accident

A motor vehicle accident is a serious matter, particularly when it involves a commercial truck. You or someone […]

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Spinal Cord Injuries – A very Serious Matter

Spinal Cord Injuries – A very Serious Matter

Every 49 minutes an American sustains an injury to the spinal column. Each year, around 11,000 people suffer spinal injuries. Eighty percent of those injured are men; a majority are young adults between the ages of 16 and 30, and their injuries are largely caused by trauma such as motor vehicle crashes, acts of violence, and sports and recreation injuries. Falls also account for a large number of spinal cord injuries.personal injury attorneys

A spinal cord injury is any damage to the spinal cord that causes loss of sensation or motor control. The type of function affected depends upon where along the back and spine the damage occurred, as well as the severity of the injury. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident, selecting an attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your life will change as the result of a spinal cord injury, and the compensation you receive from a personal injury lawsuit can affect not only the quality of your life but your future financial security. The spinal cord injury attorneys at our Law Firm are dedicated to helping relieve the uncertainty and anxiety you face after a spinal cord injury. Call today for a free evaluation of your spinal cord injury case.

There are basically two types of spinal cord injuries; complete and partial. Forty-five percent of all spinal cord injuries are complete, which means there is a loss of function below the point of injury, with both sides of the body usually affected. This can result in paralysis of all four limbs, […]

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Truckers have a tough Job

Truckers have a tough – monotonous Job

Truck drivers spend hours a day on the road moving goods from place to place. Unfortunately, the monotony of the trip coupled with long hours can result in drivers getting drowsy and even dozing off. This is extremely dangerous, as a truck driver who falls asleep behind the wheel could cause a serious or even deadly crash.

Our truck accident attorney Texas know that there are rules in place intended to limit the number of hours drivers work in order to prevent accidents caused by fatigue. A new study also shows that something besides simply limiting drive time could play an important role in preventing truck accidents.

Coffee To Fight Fatigue

It should come as no surprise that coffee keeps people awake and that caffeine is a stimulant. However, it may be surprising to some to realize just how big of impact caffeine can make on preventing truck accidents that occur due to fatigue. If you have been in an Truck Accident to fault of your own and been injured call our Personal Injury Attorney today!

According to Edmunds.com, a new study was conducted by an Australian researcher named Lisa Sharwood who works at the George Institute for Global Health. Sharwood’s study revealed that consuming a drink with caffeine in it could reduce the risk of a long-haul truck driving crash by as much as 63 percent.

This is obviously a dramatic decrease in the accident risk for a truck driver who is traveling long-distances. As a result of the major decrease, Sharwood indicates that the use of caffeine should be part of a wider strategy. Caffeine alone is not […]

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Have you been injured in an Truck Accident on Texas Roads

Have you been injured in a Truck Accident on Texas Roads

How many of you can relate to being run down by an 18-wheeler? Have you ever been involved in an accident with one of these oversized trucks? If you have experience physical injury due to a semi truck accident, then we have some information for you!san antonio - south Texas Truck accident attorneys

If you have been injured in a trucking accident then we want to advise you to contact one of the Florida truck accident attorneys nearest you. By contacting a legal professional, you are better informing yourself of what you have in store in your future.

Unfortunately, trucking companies never want to pay for the damage that their vehicles inflict on the average driver. These companies generally want to put the medical expenses as well as the property damage expenses off on the drivers who certainly cannot afford to pay to get you back to the place where you were before your accident.

If you are facing this type of situation then we have a truck accidents attorney that would love to discuss your case with you. Before you shy away from meeting with an attorney, let us assure you that we are not asking you to fork out thousands of dollars that you do not have. We know that you are already facing tremendous debt and that you cannot afford to take on more debt.

Oftentimes, a truck accidents lawyer will not charge you to discuss your case with you. You might even be lucky enough to find an attorney that will represent you without charging you unless he or she collects for you. […]

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What to Expect in Your San Antonio – Laredo Personal Injury Case

What to Expect in Your Personal Injury Case

Chat with a San Antonio Lawyer
How The Process Works

San Antonio – Laredo Truck Accident Lawsuit

We often find that our clients want to have a good understanding of what to expect in their case. In this article, we’ll walk you through the various aspects of a normal personal injury case.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not as simple as filling a claim and the defendant voluntarily paying you for your suffering. In fact, most defendants will do anything to avoid paying you a fair amount, and your ability to get adequate compensation is based on how well you convince the defendant that a jury would make them pay a large sum of money. Everything done by your attorney is done for that reason.truck accident lawyer san antonio - laredo

Finding the Right Attorney

The first thing you will do is talk to one of our experienced attorneys here at Grossman Law Offices so that they can ask you a few questions before scheduling an in-office appointment. They will briefly discuss the details of your claim and get a better understanding about how we might specifically be able to help you.

When you come in for your appointment, we will go over every detail of your injury. We will ask you questions like where you were injured, when you sought medical attention, and how your doctor has treated your injuries so far. If you were injured while working, the outcome of your personal injury claim will largely revolve around whether your employer is a subscriber or a nonsubscriber to workers’ compensation.

The Discovery Process

A large amount of time in personal injury lawsuits is comprised of what […]

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Past Medical Conditions of the Truck Driver

Past Medical Conditions of the Truck Driver

Personal Injury Lawyers » Past Medical Conditions of the Truck Driver

Chat with a Truck Accident Lawyer right now

An Explanation on How Identifying the Truck Driver’s Past Medical Conditions Can Help Your Accident Claim or Lawsuit

The impression that many people have about 18-wheeler accidents in San Antonio, or the rest of South Texas, or for that matter the rest of the country is that they are caused strictly by a single momentary act of negligence of the trucker at the accident scene. However, we typically find that there are a variety of problems that culminate in an accident. If you have read many of our articles, you should know that the trucking company that employs the driver is capable of considerable negligence on its own part, as well. From the creation of a culture of negligence to ignoring basic matters, these outfits are more than capable of exacerbating or outright causing harm.truck accident attorney laredo tx

One way that trucking companies can fail in this regard is to ignore or neglect the past medical conditions of their employees. Sometimes, an otherwise competent big rig driver can succumb to health issues and may lose control of their vehicle. The driver could then lose control and hit another motorist’s car, killing or maiming that person in the process. Such negligence was completely avoidable if only the trucking company acted, so it is clear that not identifying past medical conditions can be hugely detrimental to the safety of every motorist on the road. More on this website

In this article, the attorney at our Law Offices would like to continue our series […]

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