It has a considerable export-import trade, which often leads to congestion of commercial and freight traffic areas on the roads. The presence of all these 18-wheelers means truck accidents are a reality.

Sadly, due to the size and mass of these vehicles, 18-wheeler accidents tend to be far more serious than those that only involve passenger cars. These 18-wheeler crashes can leave victims with serious injuries that can sometimes cause wrongful death. What’s worse is that many of these accidents are a result of negligence, either on the part of the truck driver or a third party.

Past Medical Conditions of the Truck Driver

Past Medical Conditions of the Truck Driver

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An Explanation on How Identifying the Truck Driver’s Past Medical Conditions Can Help Your Accident Claim or Lawsuit

The impression that many people have about 18-wheeler accidents in San Antonio, or the rest of South Texas, or for that matter the rest of the country is that they are caused strictly by a single momentary act of negligence of the trucker at the accident scene. However, we typically find that there are a variety of problems that culminate in an accident. If you have read many of our articles, you should know that the trucking company that employs the driver is capable of considerable negligence on its own part, as well. From the creation of a culture of negligence to ignoring basic matters, these outfits are more than capable of exacerbating or outright causing harm.truck accident attorney laredo tx

One way that trucking companies can fail in this regard is to ignore or neglect the past medical conditions of their employees. Sometimes, an otherwise competent big rig driver can succumb to health issues and may lose control of their vehicle. The driver could then lose control and hit another motorist’s car, killing or maiming that person in the process. Such negligence was completely avoidable if only the trucking company acted, so it is clear that not identifying past medical conditions can be hugely detrimental to the safety of every motorist on the road.

In this article, the attorney at our Law Offices would like to continue our series of discussing investigative techniques by going through the […]

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Truck Accident Settlements – Personal Injury Attorney

Truck Accident Settlements

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Not all truck accident cases can be settled out of court, but most of them can. The idea behind a settlement is to reach an agreement that both parties find beneficial. You are looking for an amount of compensation you feel is fair, and the defendant wants to offer you just enough money so that you feel the amount is equitable. Make no mistake about it, though, if the defendant thinks that your case is worth less than what you are willing to take to settle, then they will take the case to trial and make you prove them wrong.Truck Accident Attorneys Laredo Tx Please visit this website

In order for you to have the best possible chance of obtaining a fair settlement, you will have to have the help of an attorney who is experienced in settlement negotiations, and knows how to help you obtain fair compensation. At Our Law Offices, our attorneys have helped thousands of clients secure equitable restitution without the need for a trial. If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers, please call 1-855-392-0000 (toll free) for a confidential and free consultation.

What Makes Defendants Offer Fair Settlements

Even though your case will, in all likelihood, not go all the way to a trial, the value of your claim is solely based on the amount of money that the defendant stands to lose in court. If the defendant feels there is no chance it will lose because […]

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Though it may seem entirely obvious that you were blameless in your 18-wheeler accident, winning full compensation for your losses is neither guaranteed nor an automatic process. By law, the defendant or defendants in your case owe you nothing at the start. In short, to recover compensation for your losses, you have to fight for what your rights.

The fact is, unrepresented big rig accident victims, that is to say, victims who choose to represent themselves, almost never receive the entire compensation that their cases merit. Often, an experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney can be the key to ensure you recover thousands or even millions of dollars for your injuries, rather than recovering nothing at all.

Despite the fact that receiving compensation for your losses in the aftermath of a San Antonio 18-wheeler accident isn’t automatic, it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Understanding your rights and making sure you have an experienced personal injury attorney for San Antonio at your side, you’ll greatly increase your chance of winning your case and holding the blameworthy defendants accountable for their misdeeds. In the information that follows, we’ll go over the basics of 18-wheeler accident law to help you understand your rights.

Truck Accident Lawyers

This article is meant to explain just the fundamentals of truck accident law. To learn more about the precise legal implications of your exact situation. call us, we’ll gladly answer your questions about tractor trailer accident law and give you a free consultation.The Importance of Litigation

Filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit against a defendant or against multiple […]

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Truck Accident Attorneys

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When a San Antonio – Laredo trucker is liable for a victim’s injuries and damages then the victim normally looks to the trucker’s parent company. Trucking companies usually have their own insurance to cover the high cost of accidents on 18 wheelers. They will send their representatives out to accident scenes and try to compensate victims right from the scene.

This practice is unfair to victims as it puts them in a position where they are being asked important questions while they are still in shock and under duress. It is best to not discuss anything with the insurance company until speaking with our San Antonio – Laredo truck Accident lawyers.

A lawyer will say 18 Wheeler Accident lawyers have seen it all. The way that insurance companies will try and scheme their way out of paying victims. Good truck Accident lawyers will take a look at all the facts and come up with a fair settlement number. If the insurance company wants to play hardball the case will go to court but normally this does not happen.

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A lawyer will say The chances of being seriously injured in an truck accident are very high. There is also a high risk of death. This is why 18 Wheeler drivers need to be held accountable for the way they drive. They need to be committed to perfection when behind the wheel of an 18 Wheeler. They cannot put people and other drivers at risk. If they do cause injury to another person or property their insurance companies are liable to pay the injured party. […]

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