Construction Site Injuries – Fatal Accidents

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Construction Site Fatalities

If you lost a family member due to a construction site accident, you must first determine whether or not the construction company purchased workers’ compensation insurance, whether or not your family member was considered an employee of the company according to the eyes of the law, and, most importantly, if the negligence of the construction company led to the fatal accident. There are myriad questions that need to be answered, and many aspects of the case to prove. Your family needs a wrongful death attorney who knows how to investigate this kind of accident to provide the answers to those crucial questions, and to devise an effective plan in order to secure equitable compensations, no matter the circumstances of the case. More about San Antonio construction site accidents

Subscriber vs. Non-Subscriber

The way your case is handled depends almost entirely on whether the construction company either purchased, or “subscribed” to, worker’s compensation, or chose not to pay for workers’ comp insurance, and is therefore a “non-subscriber.” There is a vast difference in the manner in which claims are handled between the two.


The state of Texas strongly encourages companies of all types to purchase workers’ compensation insurance in order to stem the tide of lawsuits involving injuries or death, lawsuits that further choke an already exceedingly over-burdened legal system. Thus, when an employer purchases workers’ comp, it’s getting more than just insurance – it’s buying lawsuit protection. The reason is simple; family members of those killed in construction accidents cannot sue a subscribing company unless gross negligence occurred. Workers’ comp […]